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Taking you way beyond Wall Street, Adventures in Finance offers investing ideas, finance stories, lateral thinking and irreverent insights from some of the most brilliant minds in finance. 

Whether you’re a heavyweight investor or just dabbling your toe in finance – embark on a journey down the financial path less travelled with Adventures in Finance.

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Jan 26, 2018

With China’s plenum out of the way, what’s ahead for the Chinese economy? How much influence does the government have, and how successful has the transition to a consumer-based economy been? Finally, what does it all mean for the global growth and inflation outlook? Tian Yang of Variant Perception and Louis Gave of...

Jan 19, 2018

A year after Donald Trump’s inauguration, we take a close look at the president’s performance. How well has President Trump done? Should market bulls thank him for the recent rally? And how great is the risk of a significant policy misstep? Experts R.P. Eddy and Pippa Malmgren join to discuss. Plus, in the...

Jan 12, 2018

At long last, a Tesla bull steps up to retort Mark Spiegel’s bear case on the electric car company. Rob Maurer, host of the Tesla Daily podcast, makes an impassioned case for both the company and the stock. Plus, Grant Williams and Alex Rosenberg trade Nike, Hedy Lamarr and Scottish spiders in this week’s...